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Viking Cargo Bikes was born out of a love for cycling. Taking a page from the Scandinavian way of life, a cargo bike becomes a functional, environmentally friendly mode of transportation. A great way to get around town without worrying about traffic, parking spots and getting up hills thanks to its electric assist power. Prior to electric assist bicycles, cargo bikes were simply not practical when dealing with hills. But, with the increase of bicycle technology it is our hope that we can bring an affordable option of Cargo Bikes to everyone. We hope you enjoy your new bicycle as much as we do.

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Quality Cargo Bikes

Bringing the Scandinavian way of a travel to North America. Focused on design and performance, Viking Cargo Bikes is excited to offer an exceptional value to get you started on your cargo bike journey. For the kids, for the dog, for yourself. The Cargo bike will change the way you get around town. Thanks for being part of the ride.

colin test of metal

In South Surreydeliphia born and raised
In the peloton is where I spent most of my race

Chillin out max and relaxing all cool
Conserving energy was my #1 rule

When a couple of guys, who thought they were good
Started making breakaways I never could

I got in one little sprint and my calves got scared
They said you need motor to get to next gear

I called for assistance and when I came near
It was a Viking Cargo bike with a six pack on the rear

If anything I thought that this bike was rare
So I brought it to Canada for ya’ll to share

Colin Knudsen

Head Viking


keta squamish


Head of People Potential and Chaser of Squirrels

Big Time Cargo Bike Enthusiast


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