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Electric Cargo Bicycles, the new way to get around town!

Viking 2.0 Electric Cargo Bike

That’s right, move over Hans, or Lars, or whatever your called. Viking Cargo Bikes are now in North America!

Are you looking for a fun and functional bike for you and your family? Maybe you want to downsize to a single vehicle or even no vehicle at all? The Viking 2.0 Electric Cargo Bike is a fantastic environmentally friendly choice of transport featuring a powerful electric mid-drive motor that offers great torque and power. Featuring the Bengal Ares 7+ hydraulic disc braking system, you get much less maintenance compared to a cable system and is functionally much easier to engage with greater stopping power. Included in the Viking 2.0 model, you also get 3 strong anti-puncture tires to avoid the hassle of punctures and Shimano shifters to smoothly work through your gears. The Viking 2.0 Cargo Bike edition comes with a powerful electric motor that can handle up to 40-60km on a full charge (also in winter) thanks to a 14.5ah 36V battery. The The bike has an easy and user-friendly operating display that is easy to ride.

We want to make sure you are set up for success when you are purchasing a Viking cargo bicycle so the Viking 2.0 Cargo Bike comes standard (that’s right, INCLUDED, we are not charging you extra for a rain cover, padded seats, lights, locks, ect) with the following accessories

  • Rain cover, featuring a removable canopy system with transparent panorama canopy and entrance from the sides
  • High-quality front- and rear fenders
  • Chain cover
  • Bell and several reflectors
  • 2 x Powerful Integrated LED headlights and 1 x rear light that are connected directly to the battery.
  • Safety belt for 4 children (Y safety belt)
  • Children’s bench for 4 children
  • Step board for children
  • Abus Frame Lock
  • Comfortable seating cushions and back cushions
  • 14.5 ah 36V removeable battery
  • Front box capable of carrying 150kg
  • 5 levels of assist to get you up those hills

Viking 2.0 Electric Cargo Bike

The Viking 2.0 Electric Cargo Bike model is a fantastic premium choice. It is of course made for short and long trips, but you can also enjoy your puncture-free tires on roads with gravel or through the urban environment. Like all our electric cargo bike models, the Viking 2.0  model is extremely easy to learn to drive. Some say it is like riding a bicycle. A couple of good trips and you feel you’ve been driving a cargo bike all your life. For our top model, we have also chosen the ultimate braking system. With special hydraulic disc brakes, the system feels like butter when pushing to slow down.


There are some bikes out there in the market and they are great. But a quality cargo bike should not cost you $10,000. We work extremely hard at working with our manufacturers to get the best components at the best possible pricing. The value of the Viking 2.0 Electric Cargo Bike is impressive with the components and quality of the build. No we don't spend the extra money on trying to chain the chain to a new fancy belt drive because, well, we don't see the chains break and if it ain't broke then don't fix it. Keeping these bikes in price point that is accessible to as many people as we can is our priority. We have paid particular attention to the detail and made sure that the Viking 2.0 model can meet your expectations every time. All parts and components are reviewed and carefully assembled locally to ensure that you get a finished product to meet your expectations. All accessories are included in the price, which means no extra charge for locks, rain cover, seating pads ect. Our goal is to get these wonderful bikes out to as many families as possible to enjoy and get around in a fun and environmentally friendly way.

Bicycle Components

All bikes must be maintained, but we promise you that this bike will last due to the components chosen with special resistant materials. You will be able to cycle thanks to quality anti-puncture tires  In addition, we have added Bengal Ares7+ hydraulic brakes to the Viking 2.0 model. You will find that you are no longer facing the challenge of the bike taking you left or right when you brake thanks to the excellent braking system. Of course, the model has all the other good parts, such as Shimano shifters, to the amazing Ananda electric mid drive motor system. The Viking 2.0 model is definitely a fantastic model to get you started on your cargo bike journey.


All Viking Cargo Bikes have a 10-year warranty on the frame against any manufacturer defects. Cracking / Breakage of the load and vital parts of the bicycle frame (not fork) as a result of normal non-commercial use as well as proper storage.

Things that are not covered include damage, abuse, overload beyond specification, traffic accidents and burglary attempts.


We are happy to provide free local delivery to the Vancouver, Lower Mainland, Squamish, and Whistler areas. Bikes delivered to these areas will be 100% assembled. Shipping is available outside these areas and we would be happy to arrange a quote. Please let us know where you would like your new bike to be shipped and we will arrange to ship it for you. Due to shipping restrictions, the bikes that are shipped will be 60% assembled and will require some shipping.

We want you to have the best overall customer experience from the time you place your order to when you receive your new Viking Cargo Bike. It is extremely important upon receiving your bike that you inspect the bike prior to signing for it. Viking Cargo Bikes cannot be accountable for damage within transit. Our priority is to get you your new bike with zero issues so you can enjoy it as soon as possible. Our shipping facility is located in Coquitlam British Columbia and all shipments will be made from this location.

Please note we do not ship to PO Boxes.


Maintenance is always an important part of ensuring your bike is operating safely and at peak performance. Our maintenance guide can be found here. Maintenace Guide

Delivered 100% assembled within our local delivery area

(Lower Mainland, BC)

Easy Shipping within Canada

Do you live outside our local delivery zone? No problem. We will ship the bikes to you. Bikes will come 60% assembled with just a bit of work to do on your side. Contact us and we will get you a quote.


  • Mat Black frame (5 treatments containing: Paint, lacquering, anti-rust treatment and anti-stone chips sealing)/Black box
  • The newest” Anti-Tilt” patented steering/handlebar system with self- straightens adjusting function. Makes it super easy to turn and steer, straightens automatically
  • Easy and user-friendly COLOR Digital LCD display with many different levels and speed, which everyone can learn in a few seconds
  • Electronic “Walk assist” (press down a key on the display and the bike rides up to 5 km/h without the pedals turning around)
  • Powerful and robust 250W Brushless engine with latest “Low-Energy Consumption & No Noise” technology and of course CE approved
  • Powerful 36V, 14.5 ah Li-ion battery, charging time only 2-3 hours. Battery life 600-900 charges. Battery lock. CE, GS and TÜV approved
  • Automatic break light in the battery
  • Up to 60 km on one full charge. NOTE: ALSO BELOW ZERO DEGREES (FROST)
  • Intelligent TURBO charger, with reduced charging time and stops charging when the battery is fully charged, CE, GS & TÜV approved
  • 6 external Shimano Tourney(SIS) gear with freewheel and a Shimano gear shifter
  • Bengal Ares7+ hydraulic brakes with electric brake system
  • Parking brake on both front wheels
  • Strong anti-puncture Kenda tires (on all wheels)


  • 20″ Front wheels and 26″ back wheel. All with reflection lines
  • Double-bonded aluminum rims
  • Strong wheel guard on all wheels and chain guard
  • Wide, high quality comfortable seat with absorption and extra comfort, that can be adjusted in height
  • Handlebar with ergonomic handle that can be adjusted in height
  • 2 Powerful LED head- and 1 rear light (in battery)
  • Several reflectors and bell
  • Detachable transparent Panorama canopy/cover and entrance from the sides
  • Seat belt for 4 children (Y-belts)
  • Seats for 4 children
  • Footboard for children
  • The box bottom and children seats are covered with anti-slip material
  • Low entry height
  • Only approx. 47 kilos excluding additional gear i.e. ”Light/Lightweight model”
  • Loading capacity 150 kilos
  • 227cm X 122cm X 84cm (L X H X W). Kasse 92cm X 62cm (L X W)
  • CE marked / Approved

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